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    How to Balance Client Work with Marketing Your Consulting Business

    The Importance of Balancing Client Work with Marketing Your Business

    As a marketing consultant, you know the importance of marketing your business. However, when focusing on your clients, giving the necessary attention to your business is challenging. 

    What ends up happening is a vicious cycle of revenue peaks and valleys.

    I’ve been there. I struggled with finding balance when I started and almost lost my business.

    So I understand how neglecting your marketing efforts can lead to financial stress and sleepless nights.

    However, what if there was a way to balance client work with marketing your business without sacrificing either? In this issue, we’ll explore the key to achieving this balance and ensuring a positive future for your consulting business.

    But there’s good news!

    Here’s some good news. There is a way to balance client work with marketing your business. I want you to imagine a future where you’ve mastered the art of balancing client work with marketing your business. 

    And your clients are satisfied with your services and refer new business to you. Plus, you’re attracting new clients through your marketing efforts, fueled by your work with your current clients. Your business is growing, and you can provide even better services to your clients. 

    This positive future can be a reality by following tips outlined below.

    Here’s how it works

    The first step to balancing client work with marketing your own business is focusing on providing exceptional services to your clients. 

    Yes, that’s right. Focus on your current clients. 

    Doing so turns them into raving fans who will refer new business to you. You can also use your work with current clients to showcase your expertise and attract new clients.

    You’ll hear me say it time and time again, referrals and repeat customers are your best friend. Seriously, 80-85% of my clients come from repeat or referral clients. Makes my life 1000% easier. 

    But, You Still Need to Set Aside Time for Marketing

    In my first two years, GE was my biggest client. I’d have 2-3 GE projects and 1 other client going simultaneously. I was swamped and didn’t do any marketing. 

    Then, everything changed. GE’s strategy shifted. They decided to stop hiring external consultants, and a few of my contacts left. I lost my honeypot. 

    I was screwed!

    Let’s just say I found out real quick that I needed to set aside time for marketing each week. 

    Listen, you need to dedicate a few hours to focus solely on your marketing efforts, such as writing blog posts, creating social media content, or networking with potential clients. Just block your calendar for a few hours each week, and you won’t neglect your marketing efforts while focusing on your current clients.

    And Learn How to Showcase Your Work

    Now, you need to be careful about how much you share. But use your current client work as a way to showcase your expertise. 

    You can share sanitized case studies, testimonials, and success stories to demonstrate the value you provide to your clients. These are powerful tools for building trust and credibility with potential clients. So as you are serving your clients, integrate sharing what you are doing on social media or your website.

    Think of it like “building in public.” 

    For example, take notes, write down lessons learned, and think through case studies you could write WHILE you’re working with clients.

    When prospects see the results you’ve achieved for your current clients, they’ll be more likely to choose you as their marketing consultant.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Referrals

    Stop being afraid to ask your current clients for referrals. They’ll recommend you to others if they’re happy with your services. And if your client has multiple business units (BU), ask for introductions to colleagues in those BUs. 

    You’ll be surprised how many clients will recommend you to their friends in other businesses. But if you don’t ask for referrals, you’ll never get them.

    Once you get comfortable asking for referrals, you’ll have a steady stream of new clients without spending a lot of time or money on marketing. 

    Referrals are an excellent way to expand your business and attract new clients already pre-sold on your services.

    As marketers, we understand the importance of marketing. But even we get caught up with client work. But don’t neglect your marketing efforts. 

    And don’t overcomplicate it. 

    • Provide exceptional services to your clients
    • Integrate showcasing your expertise
    • Ask for referrals
    • Leverage social media

    If you follow those tips, you’ll balance serving your clients and promoting your business. And you’ll be well on your way to a positive future for your marketing consulting business.

    I hope this article helps you find balance.

    Take care, and have a wonderful rest of your day.


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