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    How to Uncover Hidden Revenue Opportunities with a Customer Profitability Analysis

    Have you ever conducted a full-scale Customer Profitability Analysis? If you haven’t, you’re leaving money on the table.

    In this issue, we’ll discuss how to conduct a comprehensive Customer Profitability Analysis and why it’s essential for your marketing team to lead the charge.

    Why Customer Profitability Analysis Matters

    A Customer Profitability Analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of customer data that helps you determine their true profitability on a per-customer basis.

    It’s not just about looking at revenue or contribution margins. It’s about understanding the costs associated with serving each customer.

    And by conducting this analysis, you can identify which customers are the most profitable and which are costing them money.

    The Benefits of Conducting a Customer Profitability Analysis

    Conducting a Customer Profitability Analysis has several benefits. First, it can help you uncover new revenue opportunities. By identifying the most profitable customers and understanding their needs and preferences, you can develop new products or services that meet their needs.

    Second, it can help you optimize their marketing strategies. By understanding the profitability of each customer segment, you can tailor their marketing efforts to focus on the most profitable segments. Finally, it can help you reduce costs.

    By identifying the customers that are costing them money, you can adjust their pricing strategies or channels to reduce their costs.

    Conducting a Customer Profitability Analysis

    Conducting a Customer Profitability Analysis is no easy task. It requires gathering and cleaning data from multiple departments and databases and harmonizing it into one central dataset.

    The marketing team should take the lead on this initiative, as they are best equipped to understand the customer’s needs and how to leverage the data for business opportunities.

    To conduct a Customer Profitability Analysis, you should set goals for your Customer Profitability Analysis. Some of these goals might include:

    • Identifying the most profitable customers and segments
    • Reducing the cost to serve customers through adjustments to channels
    • Identifying new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
    • Identifying new customer segments
    • Aligning cross-functional teams to improve customer satisfaction

    Next, start by gathering data from multiple departments, including finance, sales, operations, and marketing. You’ll find out real quick that your department will name categories of data differently.

    So, you’ll need to harmonize the data into one large set that can be analyzed from multiple angles.

    Data harmonization is merging data from various sources, fields, formats, and dimensions into a single aligned dataset. Harmonization is achieved through multiple methods, such as mapping, standardizing, or consolidating data sets.

    This process results in one unified dataset accessible across applications, databases, and platforms.

    Last, once the data is harmonized, analyze it to identify the most profitable customers, the costs associated with serving them, and any opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling.

    Voice of Customer and Competitive Analysis

    In addition to conducting a Customer Profitability Analysis, you should conduct a Voice of Customer (VOC) campaign and gather Competitive Intelligence to enrich your dataset.

    You can better understand your market’s needs and preferences by gathering qualitative data from customers, prospects, and competitors.


    Conducting a comprehensive Customer Profitability Analysis is a challenging but essential task that can help you uncover hidden revenue opportunities, optimize marketing strategies, and reduce costs.

    By working with cross-functional teams, conducting a Voice of Customer campaign, and gathering competitive intel, you can better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and develop new products or services that meet those needs.

    So, start your analysis today and unlock your golden nuggets of opportunity.

    I hope this issue helps with your customer profitability analysis. Reach out if you have any questions.

    Take care, and have a great day!


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