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    How to Steal Competitors Traffic (Ethically)

    First, this is not a brag email (if you’re reading this on my site, “article”). But I will talk about what I’ve done for a client. The goal is to show you the results and how you can do it, too.

    In early April, one of my clients asked me to join their board meeting to provide feedback on their marketing efforts. To prepare, I opened up Semrush and did a little competitor benchmarking.

    Here’s what I told the board (a bit more diplomatically):

    1. SEO is non-existent.
    2. Content marketing is weak.
    3. Social media marketing is inconsistent.
    4. And you have no inbound or acquisition strategy.

    “Your competitors are crushing you. Let me show you the stats…”

    Well, that message resonated. So much that my client put me on a retainer at the beginning of May.

    My goal? Help them develop and execute their marketing strategy. (Not my usual gig, but it was a good fit)

    Today, after about 4-months, I joined their board meeting to present the results and discuss the future strategy.

    Here’s a screenshot of the results PowerPoint:

    Pretty damn good, right? (And yes, those stats are real).

    ​Steps For How to Steal Competitors Traffic

    So, how did we turn everything around so fast? Well, it all started with a targeted SEO competitive analysis.

    First, we clearly defined their ideal customer profiles (ICP). We need this for prioritization.

    Second, I opened Semrush’s Organic Research tool to analyze my client’s competitors’ SEO and content. (Screenshot below)

    I clicked the keyword report and then (screenshot below):

    1. Filtered for keywords driving traffic to competitors’ websites and matched my client’s ICPs.
    2. Filtered those keywords by Google Ranking (first page).
    3. Filtered by low competition (easier to rank & steal traffic).
    4. Analyzed the pages that those keywords were driving traffic to.

    Third, I prioritized the keywords and pages where I could create better content, add more value, and out-rank their competitors (aka steal traffic).

    Fourth, using that information, I developed a — let’s call it — competitive content and social media marketing strategy.

    Last, I started executing, learning, adapting, and expanding (writing quality content).

    And you can see from the results…it worked!

    We have much more to do, but those are pretty damn good results for about 4-months. And it wasn’t that hard to do.

    So, if you’re struggling to win the content game and drive leads from inbound marketing, consider doing an SEO competitive analysis.

    And by the way, I love Semrush (you can see why), and I’m an affiliate for them. But you can do the same analysis using Ahrefs or other tools.

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