Life Coaching Pricing

How Much Should I Charge for Coaching?

If you’re reading this article, then you must be asking yourself the question above.

Life coach pricing is a highly debatable topic. Especially when you’re starting a coaching business from scratch. I’ll give you my recommendation on how to price life coaching, and then you’ll need to adjust it based on your business and goals.

Here’s what’s probably happening. Might not be in the same order, but if you’re having trouble figuring out how much to charge as a life coach, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you’re struggling with your pricing, I bet you’ve read a few articles or watched YouTube videos on life coaching pricing and think your prices are too high.

Then, you read a couple more articles and watch a few videos around “how much does a life coach charge?” and think … well shit, my prices are too low.

What Happens Next?

Now you’re confused.

So, you figure out some sort of price and say … Ok, I got it. You feel like your life coaching hourly rates are all set. Hell yes baby!!!

Then, after several failed free discovery sessions, you’re confused again. You keep facing those damn pricing objections. Your prospects divide out your price by the number of sessions and say, “I can’t believe life coaching session costs are so high!”

Damn it. Now, you aren’t signing coaching clients.

And again, you start thinking, damn it … my pricing is off. So, you get on Facebook and go into your life coaching group to ask, “What are the current rates for life coaching?”

Or, some other question around how much should I charge for life coaching? Right?

Yes … you know who you are.

Then you hear tons of answers like:

  • Don’t charge per hour
  • Charge by the value you bring
  • Charge what your worth
  • Charge X per month
  • Charge Y per package

On so, on, so on, so on. Damn it. You’re confused again.

Let me be Frank with you. Not Tom, Dick, or Harry … I’m going to be Frank this time.

If you’re doing this, you’re wasting valuable time. Instead of reading blogs, or watching anymore videos on life coaching fees, I’m going to give you a simple price.

Here’s the deal … this price … It’s a highly respectable market price. And, I want you to start focusing on the right activities to grow your life coaching business. Plus, if you can’t sign coaching prospects at this coaching price, it’s NOT your pricing.


  • You’re not attracting ideal customers
  • You’re not learning how to overcome pricing objections or any other objection
  • You’re not clearly communicating the value of your coaching services

Now, here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to tell you the exact price you should charge if you want to be a full-time six-figure life coach. I define a full-time life coach as having and maintaining a load of 20 clients per week.

But, if you want to coach more or less than 20 clients, keep reading. If you don’t want to be a six-figure coach, keep reading.

Are you ready?

So, here’s your life coaching price: $125 per session. Yep, that’s it. It doesn’t matter if you charge per life coaching session or if you create packages. Take that number and run with it.

If you charge per life coaching session, $125. 20 Coaching clients for 50 weeks at $125 per session, that’s $125,000 per year. Not saying you’ll coach the same clients all year.

If you create a life coaching package with 12 sessions, that’s 12 sessions at $125 per session for a $1500 package. You sell 84 coaching packages, that’s $126,000 per year.

You can stop searching Google. You can stop comparing your prices to other coaches.

Stick with this price for a year. With this price, you can focus on getting coaching clients and becoming a better life coach. You can focus on becoming a freaking six figure life coach.

Your pricing is DONE. How good would that feel?

No matter what you decide, using $125 as your price get your pricing out of the way.

Pick a price. Stick with it for a year.

Go market your coaching services to attract coaching prospects. Then, sell the shit out of your services to convert those prospects into customers.

You got this! I’m so excited for you to get started.


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